Anger after Stoke-on-Trent paramedic has belongings stolen from ambulance

A Stoke-on-Trent paramedic has told how he had belongings stolen from an ambulance by an offender who smashed a window with a vodka bottle.

Adam Alcock told how thieves had stolen from his ambulance, taking potentially life-saving equipment, while he was on duty in Hanley.

Writing on Twitter, Adam said: “Walked back to the truck with my crew mate and ops manager to find the side window on the sliding door smashed with a vodka bottle.

“They took 2 personal kit bags. Bls bag, als bag. Entonox and tried to get into the safe.”

Adam revealed the theft after a fellow West Midlands Ambulance paramedic revealed his ambulance was also targeted by thieves who took his personal belongings.

Karl Williams, who is based in Coventry, said that “disappointed and slightly angry” didn’t even begin to cover his feelings.

He said: ““The last thing I expect to find when I return to my ambulance after treating an individual, is to find my personal belonging have been stolen from my ambulance.

“Disappointed and slightly angry doesn’t even cover it.”

And fellow paramedic Matt Harrison said he had also been a victim.

He wrote: “The guy who did the exact same thing to me got caught. He was identified by a local neighbour Bobby from the ambulance CCTV but nothing was done.

“My belongings were never recovered. I got off lightly. He was already on remand for mugging & stealing from an old lady.”

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In October 2018, West Midlands Ambulance launched an appeal after a thief broke into an ambulance to steal the paramedics’ belongings. The vehicle had been parked up in Northfield, Birmingham, while the crew attended an emergency.

The culprit was caught one on the vehicle’s cameras smashing a side window to snatch personal items including an iPhone before making off.

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