Cancer-hit Stoke-on-Trent murderer serving 24-years for killing Russian wife dies in Turkey

Murderer Christopher Collier died in Turkey after being diagnosed with throat cancer.

The 49-year-old businessman – who was known as Chris – was serving a 24-year sentence in a Turkish jail for murdering his wife when he became unwell.

An inquest heard Mr Collier – who had lived in Meir, Cheddleton and Tean before starting his new life abroad – was a heavy smoker who smoked 40 strong cigarettes a day.

It is thought this caused his throat cancer, which eventually saw his health deteriorate so much he had to be transferred from prison to hospital.

Julia Collier who was murdered by her husband Chris Collier

He was told in July 2019 that his condition was terminal, and he died on October 5. The cause of death was recorded as aspirational pneumonia linked to sepsis. His funeral was held at Carmountside Crematorium in late October.

Mr Collier was one of tycoon John Caudwell’s first salesmen in the Phones4U empire. He later set up his own business importing and exporting mobile phones before emigrating in 2000. He was working as a diving instructor when he murdered his Russian ‘mail-order’ bride Julia at their Kusadasi home on the Aegean coast in November 2010.

He was arrested the day after the death on November 27, 2010. In 2012, he was jailed by a Turkish court for 24 years.

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Speaking at the time of Mr Collier’s arrest, Mr Caudwell said: “Chris was one of my first salesman when I was starting out, so I remember him well. He was a good salesman and became a sales manager.

“It is shocking to hear he has been arrested for murder. It’s shocking to hear about any murder.”

Assistant coroner Margaret Jones said an inquest into Mr Collier’s death had been required because he was a serving prisoner and was repatriated following his death.

Concluding that he died from natural causes, Mrs Jones said: “Chris had been a heavy smoker. He became unwell while in prison. He was taken to hospital. He later died in hospital.”

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