Desperate plea for cash, food, kitchen space and volunteers as 200 vulnerable people could go hungry in Stoke-on-Trent

A coronavirus volunteer group has released a desperate plea for cash and resources to keep 200 people fed.

The CWG (Coronavirus Welfare Group) was set up by community champion Debi Allbutt before lockdown began to keep vulnerable people indoors and out of harm’s way.

But now, with many volunteers being called back to work and vulnerable people still needing to isolate for around three months or more in some cases, the CWG is in dire straits.

They need:

  • help from businesses to raise cash and food
  • volunteers to prepare meals
  • volunteers to deliver meals
  • kitchen space to prepare meals

Founder Debi said: “People are going back to work we are desperate for new helpers as the need to feed our most vulnerable has not changed, it is actually increasing as we discover more residents in dire straits.

“Some don’t have a radio, TV or even a fridge. The only comfort they have is a hot meal from us once a day.

Debi Allbutt has warned her hard work delivering essentials could all be for nothing if those in the at-risk category don’t adhere to the restrictions.

“We need companies to get on board. Feeding 200 people a day is a battle that we continue to fight but without help we are treading water.

“Please help us to help those who need us the most. We don’t leave anyone behind, we feed the elderly, vulnerable and homeless.”

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“Councillor Candi Chetwynd sprung into action with us and gave £850 of her ward budget. That went a long way but we have run out of funds. We are crying out for help.”

Councillor Chetwynd added: “Without the selfless work of Debi and her team of fantastic volunteers, a vast amount of residents would simply be left in the dark without any food, love or support.

Councillor Candi Chetwynd

“The council are doing their absolute best but without the mercy of this community response group countless people would be missed and that would be a catastrophe. They are literally keeping people alive with dignity and delicious homemade food.

“I know that Debi has spent the past 12 weeks peeling potatoes around the clock and I honestly don’t know when she gets the time to sleep and eat herself.

“I am begging any company who could either donate food or funds to help us. Additional kitchen space is needed too. Have you got a dormant restaurant that could be fired up to fuel our efforts?

“If you have a spare hour and want to help, you could deliver some meals. Any small act of kindness makes a big difference and you will literally be a hero.

“Please hear our cries and answer this call, we are living through historic times that need the very best of our actions.”

To help the CWG and Debi out please call  Debi on 07970 539399.


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