Family travel nearly 100 miles for a walk at Dovedale – despite ‘stay local for exercise’ lockdown rules

A family travelled nearly 100 miles to Dovedale over the weekend for a walk – despite ‘stay local for exercise’ lockdown rules.

The family, from Peterborough, were among visitors travelling to the beauty spot, according to police.

An officer was stationed at the tourist hotspot’s car park, near Ilam, to give advice to motorists driving in for their daily exercise .

The officer said one vehicle was found to be carrying a family that had travelled to the beauty spot from Peterborough – 96 miles away.

She said they were stopping cars as they were arriving and “advising” families of the current coronavirus restrictions and guidance, reports DerbyshireLive.

Around a dozen cars had parked up at the National Trust-owned car park, which is the starting point for a walk to the picturesque valley, famed for its stepping stones and the various scenic walks that surround its tranquil river-valley setting.

A Derbyshire police spokesman said: “We wouldn’t like to pass comment on any particular instance at this time, but all cases are at officer discretion based on the guidance outlined by the NPCC.”

Last week police officers from the same force were handing out £200 fines to people who had travelled just a few miles to similar beauty spots, enforcing Tier 5 restrictions that permit people to exercise only in their local area.

The fines were described as “over zealous” by the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner Hardyal Dhindsa, who released a statement saying the National Police Chiefs’ Council had advised Derbyshire Police to encourage people against breaking lockdown rules rather than fining them.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council has advised Derbyshire police to encourage people against breaking lockdown rules rather than fining them.

Mr Dhindsa went on to say he had spoken to the Chief Constable who had assured him that an urgent review into the fines was under way.

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