Home-schooling? Here’s how you can get your hands on free home-learning packs

Parents and teachers who are home-schooling children during the lockdown can access free homework packs – after an e-learning business waived the price of its products in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Husband and wife Jay and Christina Loftus started Teacher’s Pet from their home in May Bank 10 years ago.

They relaunched the business last August before moving to their first office at Burslem Enterprise Centre and taking on their first employee, Kevin Rhodes.

But since the Prime Minister ordered schools to close as part of the UK’s fight against Covid-19, Jay says the demand for their home-learning packs is higher than ever.

Now parents and teachers are being urged to make the most of the free downloadable weekly learning packs on the website.

The 34-year-old said: “We relaunched Teacher’s Pet last August and we have been about 10 times busier than we were before, but since the schools closed we have been busier still.

“My wife Christina is an ex primary school teacher and I’m a web developer and graphic designer so we put our heads together to launch Teacher’s Pet back in 2010.

Teacher’s Pet provides online content and learning resources for parents and teachers

“We provide a lot of free content but we also operate a paid membership model which gives teachers access to additional resources; now with everything that has been going on we are making all our home-learning packs available to everyone, for free.

“The packs we have made so far have been received incredibly well and have amassed over 30,000 downloads in just a couple of weeks, so there has been an instant demand for them.”

Teacher’s Pet has been offering downloadable content and resources to primary school teachers worldwide since 2010, with more than 200,000 teachers registering on its new website since August 2019.

The free home-learning packs will be uploaded every week and will cover a variety of topics based on the UK curriculum which are suitable for early years through to Key Stage 2.

To download the packs all users have to do is sign up to the website by registering an email address.

After one month, everyone will be given the option to upgrade to a paid membership package to access additional resources, or continue with their unpaid plan for the duration of the school closures.

The packs include a variety of tasks across all subjects from practising handwriting and learning spelling to working independently.

There is also a live chat feature available to anyone who is struggling to access the packs or needs guidance on certain subjects.

The Teacher's Pet team from left is co-founder Christina Loftus, Kevin Rhodes and co-founder Jay Loftus
The Teacher’s Pet team from left is co-founder Christina Loftus, Kevin Rhodes and co-founder Jay Loftus

Jay said: “Teachers are under a lot of pressure to produce home-learning content for their classes ever since the school closures and parents are looking for ways to support their children with their education during this time.

“We want to make as many teachers and parents aware of what we are doing to support children in their education now that the doors have closed on local schools.”

He added: “We have had a lot of support from teachers and parents over the years and I suppose this is our way of giving something back.

“We have put a lot of resources into the system to ensure it can cope with the massive increase in free downloads. We are working flat out.

“We could easily put a price tag on this but it wouldn’t feel right doing that with everything that’s going on right now. We just want to do our bit to help.”
To download a free home-learning pack, or for more information, visit www.tpet.co.uk

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