Live: Boris Johnson to address Parliament on new Covid-19 restrictions

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to address Parliament on new Covid-19 restrictions amidst a rising number of confirmed cases of the virus in the UK.

Mr Johnson is expected to start his statement to the House of Commons at around 12.30pm.

Earlier today Michael Gove said the plans to close pubs at 10pm were just one of a range of measures set to be announced today.

He said: “The 10pm closing time is not the only measure the Prime Minister will be announcing later.

“It’s part of a package of measures.

“But, the evidence is that social mixing can encourage the spread of the virus.”

Asked if a group of six people could leave a pub at 10pm and carry on drinking at a house, Mr Gove said: “It is the case that with the Rule Of Six you can have six people in a social gathering, yes, but the steps that we are taking here reflect some of the evidence that has been gathered from those parts of the country where these restrictions have already been put in place in order to ensure that we restrict social mixing.”

Mr Gove said the Rule Of Six would stay in place.

The Prime Minister is set to address the nation as a whole at around 8pm tonight.

We’ll be bringing you updates as we get them on the live feed below.

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