Live: Man chains himself to Walleys Quarry gate in protest at stench

A man has chained himself to the gates at Walleys Quarry in a peaceful protest against the stench produced by the site.

Residents in Silverdale and the surrounding areas have written hundreds of complaints about the smell coming from the Cemetary Road landfill.

Despite the complaints and Newcastle MP Aaron Bell raising the issue in Parliament, an investigation found RED Industries, which runs the site, is operating within its environmental permit.

But this morning, one resident took the decision to stage another protest at the site in the hope more action will be taken.

The man’s protest follows another peaceful protest which took place last month when socially-distanced campaigners lined the street outside the site.

RED Industries has previously defended its operation. A spokesman for the company said: “We continue to operate our site compliantly and within the conditions of our environmental permit.

“The Environment Agency published their report last year into ambient air quality in Silverdale, which concluded all emissions are below relevant air quality strategy objectives for human health and environmental assessment levels.”

Follow the protest as it develops in our blog below.

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