Minute’s applause to be held today for North Staffordshire dad, 51, who lost coronavirus fight

A minute’s applause is to be held for a Stoke-on-Trent dad who lost his fight for life after testing positive for coronavirus.

Pastor Edwin Cotter – who has been described as the ‘pillar of the community’ – was first taken ill at the end of March with a cough and was self-isolating at home.

But when his condition worsened his wife Lorna phoned 999 and he was admitted to the Royal Stoke University Hospital on Friday, April 3 and tested positive for Covid-19.

Pastor Edwin, who was also a governor at Silverdale Primary Academy, died on Wednesday, April 8.

Now his friends and colleagues at Cornerstone Elim Church, in Silverdale, have arranged a special Easter Sunday tribute with an applause at 11.59am.

Lee Curree, aged 36, from Silverdale, who has organised the applause, said: “I’ve known him for a very long time.

Pastor Edwin Cotter’s friends and colleagues at Cornerstone Elim Church, in Silverdale, have led tributes to the dad-of-two

“He had a lot to do with my 11-year-old son’s youth group and my one-year-old daughter’s play group and he was very involved with the community, no-one had a bad word to say about him. 

“He did my dad’s funeral service when he passed away two years ago and I can’t thank him enough for that. 

“If you needed to have a chat he’d be there and he was just one of those likeable people. He was well known by everyone. 

“So many people have been messaging me about him and sending their best wishes. He held all of the community together. 

“If he walked in the room the room would light up. I’m not a church goer, but he reached out to people who don’t believe in God, he gave everyone a chance.

“He was a pillar of the community, he was a person with his own views but he didn’t care about anyone else’s views. 

“There’s a lot of people that want to wish him goodbye who will be unable to attend his funeral due to the coronavirus.

“So I decided to do a clap for him on Sunday and if we can get a lot of people to celebrate the life of Pastor Edwin. It’s the least we can do for what he did for us.

“I hope he’s up there celebrating with his loved ones. He’s going to be missed by the whole community in Silverdale and everyone who had the pleasure to meet him.”

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