Motorist fined after driving around city centre in van looking like this

Police officers have issued a fine to a motorist in the city centre after their vehicle was spotted ‘overflowing’ with scrap metal.

The chassis cab type van was spotted by officers driving on the outskirts of Hanley this afternoon (Tuesday, December 1).

A Staffordshire Road Policing Unit spokesman said: “No prizes for guessing why we stopped this van on the outskirts of Hanley.

“Already overflowing, and they were stopping to collect some more. Driver issued a fine. And some advice on securing the load.

“You imagine if that collapsed next to you.”

Elsewhere in Biddulph, officers have seized a car as they believe the driver does not have insurance.

Officers have seized a car for allegedly having no insurance

A spokesman said: “Officers have seized a vehicle for no insurance in Biddulph.

“The Staffordshire Moorlands is not the area to drive a vehicle with defects, no insurance, no mot. It’s the drivers responsibility to ensure the car is safe to drive on the road.

“Keeping you, other road users, pedestrians safe.”

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