Port Vale supporters meeting RECAP: Carol Shanahan, Cristian Montano, Kate Beardmore and Richie Bates answer questions

Carol is asked ‘are you interested in supporters raising money for the Lorne Street concourse?’

She says: “Yes, that’s the short answer,”

But she explains she would like to go to fans and ask them what they want.

She says: “We don’t want to impose. It should go where you guys want. That happens by you having a good relationship with the supporters club and them having a good relationship with us.”

She adds that the relationship between fans and club is crucial.

She adds that the thing she values more than anything is the relationship with the club and supporters. She says it is because of the supporters that a year ago tomorrow she and Kevin were able to announce they were going in to buy the club.

She says, if we want Burslem to be successful the best thing we can do is help Port Vale be successful. That’s not the buildings, it’s the people. It;s about the supporters, that’s what Port vale is.

She says that goodwill had gone last year (between football club and fans) but fans, including the supporters club, refused to give up.

She says fans were instrumental in helping them take over the club: “You did it.”

She says ‘Port Vale doesn’t belong to the Shanahans, it belongs to the fans.’

She adds that the club has been repairing relationships with other

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