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Dennis Taylor

Born in Northern Ireland, living in Wales currently. Former world champion best known for defeating Steve Davis on a black ball finish at the world snooker championships.


John Virgo

From Lancashire England, former professional snooker player. Won the UK championship in 1979 and co-hosted big break in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Best known for his commentary lines such as “where’s the cueball going!!”


Willie Thorne

From Leicester England, former professional snooker player. Got to the final of the UK championship in 1985 but lost to Steve Davis. He joined the snooker commentators on BBC in the early 90’s.


Stephen Hendry

Former seven time world champion along with many more ranking titles. Retired from snooker in 2012 and has been commentating on varies channels since.



John Parrot

1991 world snooker champion along with other ranking titles. Since retiring, he has been a promonant figure in snooker commentators and other TV shows such as A Question Of Sport.


Steve Davis

Six time world champion. Retired from professional snooker on 2016. Has been a snooker commentator for the BBC for over 10 years.


Ken Doherty

The “darling of Dublin”, best known for winning the 1997 world championship and raching the final the following year. Also known for missing the final black to get a 147. Still plays professional snooker and also a snooker commentators for the BBC.

Joe Johnson

From Bradford and best known for winning the 1986 world championship as a qualifier. Regularly commentates for Eurosport in recent years.


Jimmy White

From London England. Best known for never winning the world championships despite being in the final six times. Has won multiple titles. Still plays professionally. Occasionally being a snooker commentators for Eurosport.




Ronnie O’Sullivan

Still a domininant force in snooker from London. Likes to commentate on EuroSport along with making his own show with them called “the Ronnie O’Sullivan show”.


Neal Foulds

Former No.3 world snooker player. Has been at the business end of tournaments on many occasions. He is now a snooker commentators for Eurosport, ITV and has worked with BBC in the past.


Mike Hallett

Former Masters finalist in the early 90’s. Has been a snooker commentator for SkySports and EuroSport for many years.




Phil Yates

Snooker journalist and commentator for well over a decade. Works with various TV channels including ITV snooker.

Alan McManus

Current professional snooker player best known in recent times for reaching the semi finals of the 2016 world snooker championships. Has been commentating on ITV for their various snooker events for the past few years.


Clive Everton

A Welsh veteran snooker commentator best known for his days in the BBC. Currently commentating for ITV and runs a magazine called SnookerScene.


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