Stoke City legend diagnosed with coronavirus

Stoke City legend Jackie Marsh is in self isolation at home as he fights to pull through a positive diagnosis of coronavirus.

The 71-year-old, who was a key part of one of Stoke’s greatest teams through the 1970s, went to hospital on Tuesday with suspected pneumonia.

But he improved enough to be released to go home on Wednesday, although he had tested positive for Covid-19.

Messages of support have been flooding in with Stoke fans, including those who were lucky enough to see him play and those who have just heard stories about his role in the glory days under Tony Waddington.

John Ruggiero, secretary of Stoke City Old Boys Association, said: “Denis (Smith) has always said about Marshy that he was as fit as a fiddle. You see overlapping full-backs in the modern game, he was doing that in the early 70s – and a great crosser of the ball. There was that funny story,

“We’re never going to lose that thing about the Waddington Wall. That’s a story that will live on forever in club legend. He’s up there with the best of the Potters.

“He was in the all-time team of the 150 years and he’s still considered the best right-back we’ve had.”

“And he’s a great man. The volume of the reaction to this from Stoke fans, like we saw with Gordon Banks, highlights the esteem in which he is held. He is a very popular player from a very popular team.”

Marsh, who had a heart by-pass about 14 years ago, has been fighting health problems in recent months.

Born and raised in Fenton, he is a lifelong Stoke supporter who lived the dream in playing for the club he loved.

Ruggiero said: “Jackie has loved being involved in SCOBA, coming to all the games. He was always keen to get involved and would be with the lads on a Tuesday morning at Trentham Gardens when he could. We hope to see him again soon.”

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