Stoke City news and coronavirus LIVE! More games called off, latest on EFL guidance ahead of Reading match

What impact will behind-closed-doors game have on you and the team?

It’s a question that’s kind of difficult to answer until we’ve done it.

Ideally, no one wants to see games home or away behind closed doors.

It you look at it from the perspective of people thinking it’s a disadvantage of us playing at home without any fans, then it’s an advantage when we play away.

I don’t see it as an advantage or disadvantage to be honest.

The players just have to remain focused and deal with the situation. At all points in your career as a player you play reserve team football in empty stadiums so it’s not something they’ll never have done before.

If that situation arises it’s a shame and it would detract from the game in general but it doesn’t change change what’s at stake or how we approach the game.

Financially of course it will affect clubs.. Thankfully that is not something I have to think about, I have to think about preparing the team and making sure they’re ready to play in such a situation.

The worry for football in general is how such a decision might cause some clubs to suffer and we have to make sure as a club we deal with the situation. I’m in no doubt the club is in very good hands in that respect.

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