The Premier League and Channel 4 have got my blood boiling

Not everyone will be sitting back to enjoy the return of the Premier League, just ask MIKE PEJIC, and he wasn’t too impressed with Channel 4 either…

“My blood has been boiling for many weeks now as football at the top end gets ready to start up again – while people are still dying in great numbers in this country.

I don’t care that they have started playing again in places like Germany, we should be big enough and bold enough to do our own thing.

We should have scrapped the season, or left them as they were, out of respect to the NHS and the many, many people we have lost to this awful pandemic.

Instead, as we all know, money matters.

That’s why the Premier League has fallen over backwards to get the games going again.

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I find it distasteful, grotesque, and won’t be watching any Premier League games as a personal protest.

Instead of resuming the season so they could pocket the TV money, they should have owed the lost money and paid it back sensibly in the form of a loan over something like a five-year period.

And because of the Premier League, the other leagues have had to fall into line and it’s farcical how they’ve decided Leagues One and Two, instead of just scrapping promotion and relegation to stop all the mither.

Football’s image is bad enough when you read about someone like Dele Alli being robbed of three watches said to be worth about £300,000, or Chelsea negotiating a £200,000-a-year contract with a prospective target while people are still dying for goodness sake.

And then seeing the Premier League start up again, and the Championship having to fall into line behind it, leaves an even sourer taste in the mouth.

Finally this week, I had great memories of sitting down as a 16 year-old Stoke City apprentice to watch the 1966 World Cup final when we beat West Germany.

But I was furious with how Channel 4 handled their replay of the entire game last weekend.

Instead of being allowed to just watch the game from start to finish over the 90 minutes, we had all sorts of people coming on to make a comment in a little square on the screen while the game is going on.

If you want their opinion, ask them before the match, at half-time and then after because we’ve got a whole new generation of kids who need to see how the game was from start to finish and without those petty interruptions.

There was a chance there for them to watch, study and learn.

For me it was sacrilege to talk over the game and block the full picture, let alone coming on with comments like “I didn’t realise they were so fit back then.”

In the end, I turned the sound down and tried to enjoy the pictures.

Even now, over half-a-century later, it still touches me when you see someone like Jack Charlton sink to his knees at the final whistle.

Not even Channel 4’s treatment of the occasion could ruin that moment.”

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