Watch the chilling moment Stoke-on-Trent murderer was caught on CCTV meeting his victim

This was the chilling moment Stoke-on-Trent murderer Azam Mangori met his victim before murdering and dismembering her body.

The 24-year-old, whose address was previously given as Dartmouth Street, Burslem, can be seen on CCTV approaching Lorraine Cox as she walked through Exeter city centre alone.

He stalks her, hood up, keeping a distance before approaching to talk. Not long afterwards the pair are walking back to his flat above a kebab house – the last time Lorraine was ever seen alive.

The footage begins just after 2am on September 1 last year as Mangori emerges from his flat and turns left up the High Street.

He did not know Lorraine, who can be seen in the distance. She was making her way home alone after a day drinking with friends.

During her journey she can be seen regularly looking at her phone to stay in contact with friends, reports DevonLive.

He walks at what looks like a brisk pace, every step taking him a little closer to Lorraine. It is unclear whether she has seen him at this point but crosses the road. The camera catches her walking slowly with her hands in her pocket. Mangori has crossed the road too. His pace is slower as he walks about 30 metres behind.

Mangori has walked beyond Lorraine. She strolls along messaging friends. The jury was told she was telling them she would try to make her way to her dad’s house in Beacon Heath.

Mangori doubles back on himself and takes off his hood. Lorraine, perhaps aware of his loitering presence steps off the pavement and crosses the road. Her determined killer does the same and the pair exchange words. Lorraine walks away and Mangori follows. They head together in the direction of Sidwell Street.

The jury was told Mangori and Lorraine had a sexual encounter in an alleyway off Sidwell Street. The killer made an audio recording of the 13-minute incident on his phone.

On the recording Mangori can be heard urging Lorraine to come back to his flat. He offers her ‘free money, free alcohol and free drugs’. He talks of them having adventures together. She agrees. They walk back down the High Street and head to his flat. Mangori has his right arm around her shoulder as they walk closely together.

At 2.45am the pair enter the building via the alleyway off Mary Arches Street. Soon after arriving Mangori murdered Lorraine and disposed of her body in bins in the same alleyway.

The crazed killer was today jailed for life with a minimum of 20 years behind bars after he was found guilty of murder at Exeter Crown Court.

Jailing Mangori for life, judge Neil Garnham said: “You ended the life of a bright, vivacious and intelligent young woman who had her whole life ahead of her.

“Your cowardice in failing to report her death only served to compound the loss and hurt.”

Azam Mangori, who has been convicted of the murder of Lorraine Cox

The court heard Lorraine was last seen in September last year while walking home from a night out.

Her family did not know her whereabouts for about a week before Mangori was arrested by detectives.

The trial heard Mangori had a ‘morbid interest in amputation’ and days before and after the murder had looked at images relating to the subject.

Before he was sent down, the victim’s partner Elsie Farrow gave a harrowing victim impact statement and revealed they were planning to have a child together – with Lorraine carrying the baby.

She told Exeter Crown Court: “The murder of Lorraine is something I will never recover from.

“The thought of her as a missing person for seven days only prolonged the agony.

“While we thought she was missing but still alive we had hope. On September 9 all hope was lost.

Lorraine Cox

“I have had to see images I can never erase and hear audio that will always be in my mind.

“Everything has changed for our small family.

“Every day I think about things that will never happen again. We will never be able to hold hands and go exploring in our local country park.

“We planned to have children together with Lorraine carrying our child.

“I will never see her smile or hear her infectious laugh.”

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