Watch the moment schoolgirl sails down flooded street in a giant inflatable pineapple

A schoolgirl found a novel way to have fun in the recent floods – by paddling down her road in an inflatable pineapple!

Ten-year-old Taylor-Jay Mellor, from Crewe, was stuck indoors when the street where she lives – Prunus Road – was flooded due to the recent heavy downpours.

So the youngster had a bit of fun – dressing in an umbrella hat and riding a giant inflatable pineapple down the street.

And, using a flip flop she even managed to ride a wave caused by a passing motorist.

Mum Charmayn Mellor, 42, who works on the respiratory ward at Leighton Hospital, captured the hilarious adventure on video.

She said: “We watching the rain from my bedroom window, when she said she wished she had a boat because it would be fun.

“I said it would be fun, but explained we only had the inflatable pineapple.

“At that point she shouted that will do, and begged me to let her take it out.

“I couldn’t resist, my daughters have been brilliant helping in the house while I’ve been working long hours.”

The other children in the neighbourhood soon spotted Taylor floating by on her pineapple, and it wasn’t long before her friends joined her, pool toys in tow, reports CheshireLive.

The group of children enjoyed a mini pool-party on the street, playing in the water under the watchful eyes of their parents.

She added: “Everyone was watching Taylor out of the window then they all started coming out, it was so fun.”

It comes after Crewe was battered by torrential rain and thunderstorms on Wednesday night as the region endured a third day of extreme weather.

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Emergency services were called to a school, a pub and a home after rain and floodwater entered the buildings.

Cheshire was issued three days of severe weather warnings as a series of storms passed through the county, in many cases dumping as much as a month’s worth of rain in some areas.

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