A38 closed due to lorry fire in Staffordshire

The southbound carriageway of the A38 in Staffordshire is closed due to a lorry fire.

The fire has taken place near the Fradley Arms in Lichfield.

The blaze occurred overnight at around 1.30am on March 3.

Fire crews remain at the scene to deal with remaining ‘hotspots’ as recovery commences.

A Staffordshire Fire and Rescue spokesman said: “Crews remaining on scene at the lorry fire A38 southbound to deal with remaining hotspots as recovery commences.

“Southbound remains closed at this time. If you are travelling north past the scene please focus on your driving not us. Please drive safely. 

The fire has taken place near the Fradley Arms in Lichfield

“Crews from Barton, Lichfield and Chase Terrace responded to the lorry fire A38 southbound near Fradley Arms.

“Southbound carriageway is closed to enable our crews to work safely. Please find an alternative route for at least next few hours.

Staffordshire Police and Highways England are also assisting.”

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