Custom pool tables: A great alternative to a snooker table

Ever dreamed about having your own games room with a custom pool tables? Not only do they look great in a room but it’s not that difficult to achieve and it won’t break the bank either if you shop around.

Back when i was a kid, you would seldom see a toy shop without a pool or snooker table (especially around the Christmas period), but over the years the number of shops stocking tables has reduced dramatically.

Custom pool tables can be a great addition to any home that has some spare room to fit one comfortably. Unlike a full sized snooker table, a pool table can fit into most reasonably sized rooms such as a small games room, attic, living room or a shed without the need to build extensions onto your home.

Not only are they good for showing off and impressing your friends, but a custom pool tables room can become a great hobby as you build up and improve your room.

For those who play snooker but can’t fit a snooker table in their home (most of us), a pool table can be a great alternative and highly versatile.

The standard size for a UK pool table is 6ft x 3ft. They come in several different configurations such as fixed or folding for easy storage. Some can also be flipped over to turn into a hockey table or table tennis table.

The new trend is oddly shaped custom pool tables which can be adapted to fit any number of scenarios. Some pool tables can be bought in a circle shape to double up as a card table. See some of the photos below.

If money is really tight though, its always possible to pick up a cheap pool table second hand and refurbish it so you have your very own custom pool tables. This hobby can become quite addictive though, and some people turn a decent profit doing this.

When it comes to customising a pool table, the choices are endless from colour and style of cloth to beautiful cues and accessories.

If you are a cueist whether it be snooker or pool, then having a custom pool table will be a great addition to your home.

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