Save up to 50% at any snooker cue sale store with our clever buying guide

Get the most out of your budget when it comes to buying from a cue sale or even a bespoke snooker cue. Find out how here

Most people who go shopping for snooker cues have a ballpark figure on how much they’d like to spend. This can range from £10 right up to £1500 depending on the budget you have, but for the majority of snooker players – a reasonable price might fall somewhere between £150 to £350 for a decent snooker cue. Before going looking at any snooker cue sale platform, consider the following first;

With the first three decided (cue spec, makers in mind and types of wood), you can now go looking for the cue that best suits your needs and budget. For the moment leave the budget aside and think clever about how to make the most of the budget you have.

Lets say you like the look of the Peradon Chiltern cue for an example of a reasonably priced cue. Peradon doesn’t sell snooker cues directly to customers so you need to look at third party websites to buy this cue.

You want the cue at the best possible price right? Maybe there is a cue sale somewhere or are there other sources to explore before paying the full whack?

Now here comes our clever tip;


In fact, try not to buy from the first page of Google at all if you want to make real savings!!

As someone who intrinsically knows about online marketing from the inside out, websites that feature at the top of Google Search are there for a reason. They get there by being clever and understanding how Google search works (SEO) or they pay a lot of money on online marketing (most common).

With that in mind, some websites featuring at the top of Google will have higher overheads, resulting in higher priced goods. But we want a cue that’s a cue sale price!

So lets get back to our Peradon Chiltren example. From the first page of Google for this particular snooker cue, I can expect to pay about £220 to £250. Lets see if we can save a few pounds by not being lazy and digging deeper into Google Search.

On page 3 of Google, we found the exact same snooker cue for £187 so already you saved £30 pounds (16%) and on page 6 we found the same cue for £162 which is a whopping 30% with a few extra clicks through the search engines. Keep going and you might find a cue sale somewhere and save up to 50%.

Try to find snooker cue sale stores to get the best discounts.

So what about bespoke snooker cues?

Practically everyone who plays snooker wants a custom snooker cue made to exact specifications. Who wouldn’t right?

Lots of people in the market for a new snooker cue tend to shy away from custom cue makers because of the cost involved. Believe it or not, you can actually get some great deals from a cue sale a maker might be doing.

If a person orders a custom cue, pays a small deposit but never pays the balance so the cue-maker is left with the cue, what happens? He could sell it online himself or maybe he might sell it to you at a discounted price which saves the bother of him trying to sell it online. No harm in asking if a cue-maker has any cues hanging around that he didn’t shift. If he does, then expect to pay far less than a full price cue.

If you approach a cue maker and he gives you a quote of £400 but your budget is £300, tell them you’ve only got £300 to spend and see what he says. He might just have something to suit your budget.

At the end of the day, if you have money to spend on a snooker cue, 90% of cue makers will be happy to take your money. so bargain with them, ask about cues that are laying about that were never paid for by other customers. They will be more than happy to shift cues at a reasonable price.

A cue that might of been £400 – £500 bespoke, you could now get at a discounted cue sale price of £200 – £250 with a bit of clever thinking.

Remember, it’s your money, spend it wisely and don’t be afraid to haggle to find the best cue sale price.

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