Snooker table size and dimensions for room

Have you ever wanted to have your own snooker table in a room or shed in your house? Well today we are going to talk about the snooker table size and the size of room you will need for a full size table.

The snooker table size will determine the dimensions and a full size table is 12 feet by 6 feet. Now that’s for the table itself, without taking into account the added area that’s required to be able to play the game comfortably.

Now lets take our cues into consideration. A cue is roughly about 4.5 feet in length so we need to add that length to each side of the snooker table.

So with a full snooker table size plus the length of the cue, we need a room at least 22 feet long and 16 feet wide to play comfortably.

Most people building a games room will want a few extra features like a bar, shelving and so on, so these must be taken into consideration also.

Types of Building required

Some people are fortunate to have enough money to purpose build a dwelling such as an extension to their home or a separate building specifically to house a full size snooker table.

Some people have enough room in their concrete sheds to fit the table dimensions required, however these tend to be damp, mouldy and not great for the general upkeep of the table unless properly insulated.

More recently, it is now possible to buy wooden chalet style sheds, which are large enough to hold the snooker table size requirements and most come well insulated and most do not require special planning permission (depending on where you live).

The best thing of all is the relatively low price for wooden sheds!! A concrete extension to a house can cost a small fortune, whereas a wooden chalet style dwelling can be got for about £5000 upwards. Not bad eh?

Type of table

There are dozens of table makers to choose from. My advice is to get the best table you can afford. If you are not sure on how to fit a table properly, then get someone in that does!! There is nothing worse than playing on a table that has not been properly fitted.

A second hand table can cost as little as £1000 for a relatively decent one. I would also recommend applying a table heater under the slate for better playing performance and decent lights (not the old canopy style).

You can have any snooker table size room but a full size kit can cost as little as £7000 and will last a lifetime.

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